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World's Most Flexible Dental Microscope

Attaches directly to pre-existing overhead light to utilize its movement arms and light source

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World's Most Flexible Dental Microscope

Attaches directly to pre-existing overhead light to utilize it's movement arms and light source

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Eyepiece length matches average forearm

Long variable working distance

Scope designed to give you direct palatal view for easier faster crown preparation

2.5x 5x and 12x which covers all aspects of dentistry including general dentistry, endodontics, and fixed prosthodontics

You can replace loupes when you finish, you don’t have to take off your loupes or flip up them to talk to the patient, just push the miscroscope up and away

Optional head strap to follow your movement during procedure

Optional attachment bracket to overhead arm to adjust movement tension

At under 600g, it does not affect the overhead light arms' mechanics

Simply push the microscope away to talk to the patient. 


This looks interesting! What made you think of the idea?

I am a dental student at University of Sydney and I always wanted to do a lot of procedures under a microscope to improve quality of care. However, all the current microscopes require an installation and a high cost. As a new graduate, I would be moving positions frequently in the first few years until I become settled into my own practice. I knew that it would be hard to convince the owners of every practice to install a microscope.
A microscope is really three components in one: optics, light-source, and movement arms. Every dental practice I will ever  end up at will already have two or three components in overhead lights. By creating a microscope optics that works as a plug-and-play with existing infrastructure, the scope becomes a personal item that you keep with you no matter where life may take you, whether it be a new workplace or a humanitarian trip, just like your loupes.

Will it be light enough to be used with overhead light?

We are aiming for the microscope to weigh between 500g and 600g. This may sound really light-weight but given that our current loupes weigh only about 50g, it is a ten-fold increase. Given the microscope ultra lightweight, it should not interfere with the designed normal operation of the overhead light joints. In addition,we will offer a tensioning accessory that attaches to the joint that controls the vertical position of the overhead to control the tension required to pull down the microscope.

What are the magnifications?

We are planning for a three-step microscope. 3.5x, 5x, and 15x. This would be enough of a range to do everything from general dentistry, crown prep, crown margin check , and molar endodontics.

What makes your microscope more ergonomic than others?

Firstly, we found all the eyepiece length of microscope currently in market to be too short when compared to the ideal working positions. This forces the dentist to lean forward while working. We will increase the length of the eyepiece to match the ideal working positions.
Second, we’ve designed the eyepiece to be able to bend from 90 degrees to 180 degrees so that you can point the microscope at almost parallel, gaining direct palatal vision while the eyepiece is still parallel to the floor. This allows you to remain still in the ideal position while the microscope moves around you to get the vision you require.

When is the delivery?

Currently scheduled to build prototype by 2020 Q1 and first shipment by 2020 Q4.

I am interested, what do I do next?

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